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Want to learn more about swimming pool maintenance and care? Check out these articles designed to make you a pro at taking care of your swimming pool!

The Pool Chemistry of Cyanuric Acid

Is Cyanuric acid both a blessing and a curse? It helps stabilize chlorine so it burns more slowly, but too much is thought to reduce the efficacy of your sanitizer. Or does it? Here we break down the science behind one of the most misunderstood chemical compounds in swimming pools.

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Coronavirus Swimming Pools FAQ

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are all concerned about minimizing our exposure and spread of Covid19. Many states have issued shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders. Now that we are stuck in our home, we’re looking for ways to stay active – including going for a swim. But considering the outbreak, are swimming pools safe from Coronavirus? Let’s break down what we know.

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Do Phosphates Really Matter in Swimming Pools?

There is debate in the industry regarding how important phosphate levels are in pools. One side says using phosphate removers is an integral part of maintaining an algae free pool, while the other says it’s a total waste of money. In this article we break down the science to give you an answer.

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