Pool Stain Treat®

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Lifts and prevents the most stubborn stains. Guaranteed.

  • Works great on iron and organic stains
  • Safe for any pool surface
  • Prevents stains from coming back
  • 2 lbs. treats up to 20,000 gallons



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Questions & Answers

  1. 0 votes

    That's fairly common since the powder is heavier than the water. You can dilute it first to get it more evenly in the water. It will remove the stains more slowly but treat it more evenly. Another trick is to use an old sock filled with the chemical and tie it to a brush, and brush it directly on the surface to get the stains off. One last trick to give it more kick is to add a gallon of liquid acid to the water to knock the Alkalinity down. That usually speeds things up.

  2. 0 votes

    Nope. You can add it straight in with zero issue.

  3. 0 votes
    A Yes it works great on rust stains. For colored plaster you'll want to dissolve it in a bucket of water and pour it evenly around the pool. That will prevent any streaks or light spots. Cheers!

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Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Pool Stain Treat®

  1. Avatar

    Richard Morris

    I have a 7500 fiberglass pool, used the entire bottle mixed in a bucket and poured into pool, it only made two small white spots in the deep end, depleted my chlorine and sent my other chemicals off the chart !?

    • Avatar

      Scott Hamilton

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry to hear you’re not getting good results with it. It’s typical of most stain removers to work on the bottom of the pool more in the deep end first. You can open a support ticket and we can diagnose what’s going on with it, send you what you may need for free to get the stains off, and/or send you a refund. You can open a ticket here: https://help.unitedchemical.com/portal/en/newticket

  2. Avatar

    Robert Vitelli

    Had large green stains in the deep end of the 23000 gal. vinyl inground pool from organic material from the winter. Tried scrubbing to no avail. Over chlorinating, thinking chlorine would do the trick. Was at wits end until I spoke with the United Chemical Tech (Rick). He proposed I look into United Chemicals Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag. Followed directions and within a couple of minutes the stains had dissolved completely. I am now a happy camper. Thanks Rick!

  3. Avatar

    Carla R

    Works amazing!! Our fiberglass steps went from orange to white in seconds. They look brand new! Very happy with this product.

  4. Avatar

    Kristopher Crossley

    I have a 25000 gal pool and I used 2 bottles of your Pool Stain Treat and I mixed into a bucket of water and spread it out throughout the sides of the pool and after 24 hrs of continuous filtering I see no difference in the stains at all.

    • Avatar

      Scott Hamilton

      Hi Kristopher
      Open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to send you some additional product to try for free.

  5. Avatar

    Tim Franklin

    Our steps have “NEVER” been this clean ! Great results.

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