No Dran® Acid Wash


Acid wash any pool without draining. Guaranteed.

  • Remove the most stubborn stains and scale without draining
  • Gentle enough to work on any surface
  • Easy step-by-step directions

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Product Description

Get the Results of an Acid Wash without the Draining

No Dran® Acid Wash gives you the results of acid washing without needing to drain your pool.

Remove All Your Stains and Scale

No Dran® Acid Wash is powerful enough to remove any type of stain and scale from your pool. Just add No Dran® Acid Wash and balance the water per directions to kick start the process. Once the pool looks back to new, re-balance the water.

A New Pool without the Risk & Costs

Our No Dran® process uses the water itself to perform the acid wash. This means you avoid the risks of draining – such as popping the pool shell, damaging your liner or the cost of draining and refilling your pool water. You’ll love the results of having a pool that looks brand new. Giving you a more even finish with less risk of damage to your pool.

Safer for the Surface with Better Results

Instead of pouring acid directly on the surface, which can damage the surface and give uneven results, No Dran® Acid Wash treats the whole surface gently and uniformly. Giving you a more even finish with less risk of damage to your pool.

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100% Performance Guaranteed

All our products are backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. If this product doesn’t solve your problem we’ll send you what you need for free or a full refund.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 9.25 in
Product Type

Stain Remover


2 pound bottle


One bottle (2lbs) per 5000 gallons

Surface Compatibility

All surfaces

Questions & Answers

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    Depending on what the stains are, you have a couple options. If there's yellowish residue from algae, you can probably just use chlorine shock to bleach it away. Otherwise, Pool Stain Treat would be the best bet.

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    Absolutely. That's probably plaster dust (calcium scale) that might have been left over. This should take it off.

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