Pool Stain Removers

Have a stain on in your swimming pool? United Chemical’s swimming pool stain removers work fast and are easy to use. And all our pool stain removers are backed by our 100% Performance Guarantee.

What makes our swimming pool stain removers different?



Results in as little as 24 hours



Compatible with all swimming pool surface types


Safe for people and pets that drink swimming pool water


All our stain removers are backed by our 100% performance guarantee

Swimming Pool Stains How-To’s

How to Acid Wash a Swimming Pool Without Draining

Over time pools develop stains. At a certain point you may consider acid washing your pool to freshen up your surface. Traditional acid washing is difficult, expensive, and can damage the surface of the pool. Here we give you a step-by-step guide on how to acid wash your pool without draining.

How to Remove Iron Stains from Swimming Pools

Iron is the most common type of metal/mineral staining in pools. So odds are good you’ll run into brown rust stains in your pool. In this how-to, we show you how you can remove them fast as well as how to prevent them in the future

How to Remove Organic Stains from Swimming Pools

When debris is left on the bottom of the pool they form organic stains. Pigments present in leaves like tannin discolor the surfaces similar to a dye. In this post, we go over the quick way to removing organic stains from your swimming pool.

How to Remove Copper Stains from Swimming Pools

Blue-green stains on your pool surface are clear sign that you have a copper problem. Maybe you’ve been using copper algicide or have a pool heater. Either way we’ll show you the fast and easy way to remove your copper pool stains.