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Fast, Effective Pool Stain Removers

Stains can be the most frustrating pool problem. And finding an effective pool stain remover can be even harder. Luckily, our pool stain removers work on the toughest stains – often in 24 hours or less and work on any type of surface.

What makes these the best Pool Stain Removers?

Safely Remove Pool Stains from any Surface
Each of our proprietary stain removers is specifically formulated to remove staining from any surface. Plaster. Concrete. PebbleTec®. DiamondBrite™. Fiberglass. Vinyl Liner. We have a product that will safely remove stains from your surface.
All types of Metal Stains
Often metal staining can appear out of nowhere with little indication of what kind of metal it is. Our pool metal stain removers and preventers work across a wide range of metals, eliminating most of the guesswork. Iron stains. Copper stains. Silver stains. Scale build up. Our pool chemicals will remove it from your swimming pool surface.
100% Performance Guaranteed
We are so confident in our stain removers that we back them with an unparalleled 100% performance guarantee. If the product doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll fix it at no cost or give you a 100% refund.

Pool Stain Removers

Pool Stain Treat®


Pool Stain Removers

Super Stain Treat™