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Balancing Pool Chemicals that make life easy

The most important part of pool care is balancing your swimming pool water. This normally involves a lot of back and forth as you dial in each parameter. Our line of unique water balancers makes it easier to focus on adjusting one parameter at a time.

What's so special about our Pool Balance Chemicals?

Focus on one parameter
Most balancers equally affect multiple parameters, making balancing your pool water difficult. Our products allow you to focus on one parameter at a time – saving you time and money.
Safer than other options
Our balancers are a safer alternative for pool maintenance. For example, the most commonly used pH and Total Alkalinity decreaser is Muriatic Acid. However, it also fumes, can leave damaging spills and is tougher to handle. Our pH and Total Alkalinity decreasers are water activated granules. No fumes. No damaging spills. Super easy to handle.
100% Performance Guaranteed
If our pool balancers don’t live up to your expectations, we will fix it for free or give you a full refund.

Pool Balancing Chemicals

No Mor Muriatic Acid™


Pool Balancing Chemicals

Cal Treat™


Pool Balancing Chemicals

Easy Acid™