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The Best Swimming Pool Algaecides

United Chemical offers the best algaecides for your swimming pool. Whether you need help killing algae, or are looking to prevent algae growth, our unique line is the best at keeping your pool water clean.

What makes these the Best Swimming Pool Algaecides?

Imitated, but never Duplicated
Our algaecides and bactericides are the best because of our proprietary formula that was the first in the pool industry to pioneer the use of sodium bromide. This – in combination with our complex mixture of secret ingredients – makes killing algae easy while using less chemical. This means you’ll get fast results with a cleaner pool while saving money.

Strong without Staining
Unlike copper-based and other metal-based products, our algaecides will not stain your pool. Our formulas contain zero ingredients that can lead to stains. Yet, they’re strong enough to kill the toughest mustard algae, green algae, and even black algae.
Safe for your swimming pool, safe for your Pets, safe for You
Our products can be used in all types of pools treated with chlorine or bromine sanitizer. More importantly, it’s safe for everyone in the pool as well. Whether it be you, your children, or pets that swim or drink the water.
100% Performance Guaranteed
We’re so confident that our algaecides are the best, we back it with an unparalleled 100% Performance Guarantee. If one of our products doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll fix it for free or your money back.



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