A Round Peg for a Round Hole

The current industry standards for balancing have been adapted from a hodge-podge of other methods for water balancing. This creates challenges for the pool owner and operator in maintaining a pool.

The Hamilton Index™ was developed through years of balancing swimming pools in the field. It was built from the ground-up. The result is a simplified and more reliable method to balancing your pool water. Making it easy to maintain a beautiful swimming pool with less time and money.

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The unique factors of Swimming Pool Balancing

Unlike modified index systems, the Hamilton Index™ takes these unique factors to pools into account:

  • Open System: Swimming Pools are an open system. This means that things are constantly introduced into a pool. This has a direct affect the balancing behavior of the pool. They key is to focus on what is within your control
  • Unique relationship between Parameters: The relationship between Hardness, Total Alkalinity level, pH scale and Sanitizer are unique in pools.
  • Unique Surface: Swimming pools have unique surfaces. This is also a factor for balancing.
  • Aesthetic Needs: Pools are balanced not just for functionality. They are also for aesthetics. This means there is a need to prevent not just algae. Scale and stain prevention is important as well.
  • Available Test Kits: Balancing a pool relies on available test kits. Most people who service pools do not have access to a lab.
  • Available Pool Chemicals: Pool water balancing must use the available pool balancing chemicals.


Pipes vs Pools Comparison

Infographic comparing the key differences between pipes (what current indexes use) and pools (what the Hamilton Index™ is based on).

The Hamilton Index™ was developed keeping the above factors in mind. Rather than working in pure theory, assumptions were tested with years of pool service.

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Simplicity in Balancing

The Hamilton Index™ makes complex pool balancing simple through a logical 3 step process using a chart. No complex formulas, no calculator needed.

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Balanced with Less Chemical

The Hamilton Index™ reduces the amount of pool chemical required to balance. This is because the proper range is where the pool will want to go.

Overtime a pool’s pH will naturally rise and Alkalinity will drop. This is because Total Alkalinity neutralizes acids in the water causing the pH to rise. By taking advantage of this, the pool requires less chemical to bring into balance. And stays balanced longer.

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