Balancing with

Less Time. Less Money. Less Problems.

The Hamilton Index™ is the only balancing index designed specifically for pools. Giving you a better looking pool that is easier and less expensive to manage.

Less Time

Spend less time balancing your pool by focusing on the parameters that matter most.

Less Money

Save on balancing chemicals by balancing the way your pool naturally balances itself.

Less Problems

You’ll have less stains, scale and algae. Keep your pool looking beautiful with our balancing method.

Frequently Asked


What's an "index"?

A chemical index is a way to predict a chemical behavior. It’s a formula that you can plug numbers into to get a predicted result. 

What is the Hamilton Index™?

The Hamilton Index™ is a pool balancing system developed by United Chemical founder Jock Hamilton. Unlike the current standard index, the Hamilton Index™ was specifically developed for pools and their unique needs.

What is the Index the industry uses?

The pool industry mostly uses the Langelier Saturation Index. This index was originally developed in 1931 as a means for preventing scaling in pipes. It has been modified over the years to work in swimming pool environments.

What's different about the Hamilton Index™?

The Hamilton Index™ sets parameters differently. The main difference between this index and the Langelier Saturation is that the Hamilton Index™ maintains a high pH and low Total Alkalinity. This is ideal specifically for pools.

What difference will I notice using the Hamilton Index™?

First and foremost, you’ll use a lot less chemical to keep the pool balanced. This is because the Hamilton Index™ takes into account where the pool naturally wants to balance. You’ll also notice dramatically reduced instances of staining and scale, as well as less chlorine consumption. Pretty much, your pool will be perfect.

How does the index work?

It’s simple. Test your pool’s hardness level. Use that to determine where to keep your Total Alkalinity (using the chart or calculator). Then maintain your pH between 7.8 and 8.2. That’s it.