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No Mōr Problems®

Preventative Algicide

Keep your pool clean all season long with less work and less worry. No Mōr Problems® is like having a pool service in a bottle. Try a bottle and discover how easy a perfect pool can be – when it has No Mōr Problems®.

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Offer: $15.99

100% Performance Guaranteed

If No Mōr Problems® doesn’t make your life easier, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND.

How do you use No Mōr Problems®?


5 ounces per 10,000 gallons

Just add 5 ounces for every pound, gallon or two tabs you add to your pool. That’s it!

Why use No Mōr Problems®?


Prevents all types of algae and bacteria for a worry free free swimming season

No Mōr Problems® prevents all types of algae and bacteria to keep your pool clean and worry free all season long.

Eliminates Shocking to save time and money

No Mōr Problems® breaks up chloramines – the chemicals that lead to skin and eye irritation and that harsh chlorine smell – to completely eliminate the need for shocking.

Saves money by eliminating need for Clarifiers and Phosphate Removers

No Mōr Problems® acts like a filter aid – making your pool look sparkling clear. And it works independent of phosphate levels – meaning you have one less thing to test for.

Contains zero ingredients that stain to keep your pool beautiful

Unlike other algae prevention products that leaves stains, our formula contains no ingredients that leaves stains in your pool.

Safe for all pools so you can rest easy

Our formula is safe and compatible with all types of pools and surfaces. No matter if you have salt cell or colored plaster, you can safely prevent algae in your pool.

Safe for your pets that drink from your pool

Keeping your pool clean shouldn’t mean risking the health of your pets. No Mōr Problems® is completely safe for your pets that drink from the pool.

What do others say?

Fantastic effectiveness. I have a 20000 gallon fiberglass in-ground pool under a huge tree and this works wonderful. I only use shock to open the pool, and then chlorine at 1-3ppm does the trick. No algae. Hope they never stop making this stuff. Your pool supply would definitely not want you to know about this. Saves me a lot of money on chlorine and shock each year.

We got algae last summer and I discovered United Chemical products. The No Mor Problems works great. It’s an algae preventer and I use about 4 – 5 ounces every two weeks in our pool. We just went out of town for over a week and using this and chlorine kept our pool sparkling.

I have been using this product for a year in my 15,000 Gallon Southwest Florida pool. There has been no algae whatsoever, I never have to brush the walls of the pool, use clarifier or adjust the pH. It even reduces the need for chlorine tabs which saves $$$. I use 2 oz. per week, so one bottle lasts 4 months making it very economical, especially when you consider the savings on all the other chemicals you no longer need.

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