As the cooler weather approaches and the pool will be used less frequently, this is a good time for many pool owners to remove stains and beautify their pools. There are several ways that this can be done, but we are going to discuss a No Drain Acid Wash for a plaster or exposed aggregate pool. The benefits of a No Drain Acid Wash outweigh the risk of the traditional drain and power wash type of acid wash.

As I have mentioned there are a couple of benefits to doing a No Drain Acid Wash. The biggest advantage to the homeowner is eliminating the additional cost of paying to refill your pool, you will only need to re-balance your current pool water when completed, as opposed to, draining and refilling the pool. Another benefit to not draining your pool, if your pool is empty – depending on the area of the country you’re in, you run the risk of your pool popping out of the ground. If your pool were to pop out of the ground, it no longer is a pool, it becomes a very expensive dismantling project.

No Dran Acid Wash Scale and Stain Remover - 2 lb

Let’s discuss the procedures to perform a No Drain Acid Wash:

Once the No Drain Acid Wash is complete, it is a best practice to use Pool Stain Treat as a maintenance product, 1 bottle of Pool Stain Treat per 20,000 gal every 2 months, to keep the stains away.