There are some very important steps to take in order to have a relatively relaxed fall and winter with your pool.  In the first section of this article, we will be talking about Fall in particular and the amount of leaves that will be falling into your pool. The second part will discuss the winter months maintenance geared mainly to the people that have to close their pool for the winter.

Fall Pool Maintenance:

In reality, Fall Pool Maintenance is really no different than any other DIY pool maintenance routine throughout the year. There are some things that are important to pay attention to during the fall, especially if you have heavy foliage or trees near the pool. As the temperature changes, the leaves will begin to fall. I am going to list a few best practice for the Fall season

Pool with fall leaves

Swimming Pool With Leaves 

Winter Pool Maintenance: 

If you are in an area that doesn’t require closing your pool, then routine pool maintenance should be continued. Check your chemicals and brush weekly. If you have to close your pool, then the following information will make your life a little easier.

Swimming Pool protected with Pool Tarp

Swimming Pool with Cover During Winter


Following these steps will help you maintain a clean and manageable pool through the fall and winter.