When it comes to proactive pool maintenance, It’s important to determine what causes a pool issue rather than only treating the result. In this article you will learn possible pool problems and why you are experiencing them. When algae or staining occurs, we take our water sample to the pool store and buy the products that they recommend and off we go. The right information is vitally important to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the best solution (products). Let’s talk about stains in your pool.


Types of Algae

You know the yellow, green, black or pink stuff that grows in your pool from time to time.  We have talked about how to treat and get rid of algae in your pool, but we haven’t really identified some of the causes. 

When you have an algae issue, be honest with your pool store or poolman. The water may be clear, but the walls are slightly green. It’s a completely different treatment than if the water is completely green and you can’t see the bottom.  Once you have determined why you are getting algae, treat it and move towards prevention. For algae prevention, use No Mor Problems. It works to keep your pool algae free when used on a weekly basis.